2015 Federal Tax Brackets Released by the IRS

2015 Federal Tax BracketsIt’s a busy time of year for the IRS. This is usually when the IRS releases information about tax brackets, as well as changes to retirement account contributions, as well as what constitutes the standard deduction.

The IRS has released its new brackets for 2015, which […]

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Inversion Loophole Allows American Companies to Incorporate Overseas

tax loophole inversionOne of the big issues facing America today is the concern over tax revenue and how it relates to needed income to keep things running. Many have decried the ways in which major corporations do their best to legally reduce the taxes they owe by citing foreign profits, […]

Are Certain Partnerships Getting a Pass from the IRS?

partnership audits lowNot too long ago, the Government Accountability Office released a report indicating that there are some big businesses getting a pass from the IRS. According to the report, certain big partnerships have been audited at a very low rate.

As a result of this report, there has been […]

Find a Treasure or Hidden Cash? The IRS Wants Its Cut

pay taxes on hidden treasure or cashEarlier this year, a marine exploration company recovered a great deal of gold — worth more than $1 million — from a ship that went down in 1857. When you find that kind of treasure, you better believe that the IRS wants its cut. Indeed, any treasure […]

Why You Should File Your Tax Return — Even If You Don’t Owe

why file a tax returnIf you don’t owe taxes, you aren’t required to file a tax return. However, just because you don’t have to file a tax return doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t file one. In fact, you might be missing out on money that the government owes you if you […]