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penalty abatement help

penalty abatement help

Penalty Abatement Help: How Service Works

Our partner tax team has handled hundreds of penalty abatement cases. Some are with various states while others are only with the IRS. More importantly, the service is intended for both businesses and individuals.

When you want penalty abatement help, a tax professional looks at your situation and your supporting documentation. Based on their previous experiences with similar cases, they will let you know if your request is likely to get accepted. You can read more about the options the IRS provides.

How Does the Penalty Abatement Service Work?

You will first receive a free consultation to see if your tax situation warrants the abatement of penalties. With the IRS, first-time penalty abatement is generally requested with an IRS installment agreement or payment plan. However, penalty abatement is also available as a stand-alone service if the penalties are in the thousands that you want to abate or erase.  Here is a summary of how the process works:

  • Receive a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your tax situation.
  • Determine if you are a likely candidate to erase or abate tax-penalties (first-time penalty abatement and/or reasonable cause will be reviewed)
  • If you are not a likely candidate, we find you the next best solution for your situation.
  • If you qualify to have penalties removed, penalty abatement lowers your overall tax debt and makes your payments smaller.
  • The tax team files a Power of Attorney with the IRS. That stops the IRS from harassing you. Your licensed tax professionals will handle all IRS communications.
  • A tax pro prepares all the required documentation and deals with the IRS on your behalf.