Resource Center has all the available resources needed for handling IRS and state tax problems. Owing taxes can be intimidating and stressful, we specialize in providing helpful information and connections with professionals in order to eliminate the stress and make the process of resolving your taxes as easy as it can be. This resource center and articles on this site can educate you more on your tax problems so you know the best course of action to take.

IRS Tax Debt Relief Forms

Forms needed for various filings with the IRS in order to settle taxes.

What to Expect When Hiring a Tax Resolution Firm

Owing taxes can be extremely complicated depending on your tax situation and financial situation. Many times it suggested to hire a tax professional when resolving your tax problems. Understand how the process works and what to expect from the tax firm you decide to choose.

Tax Debt Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers related to various tax problems and solutions.

Tax Filing Information & How to Guides

Information on various federal tax filings including amending returns, extensions, power of attorney, installment agreements, offer in compromise and more.

IRS Fresh Start Initiative

The IRS launched the Fresh Start Initiative back in 2011 to make it easier for delinquent taxpayers to get back into good standing with the IRS. Since the launch, many updates have been made. The initiative is a collection of laws that make it easier to get your debt resolved. Contained within are the details on each of the laws and how they work to make getting back into compliance easier than before.