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State Tax Debt Relief Information

Most people who owe tax owe both the federal government and their state. Every state has unique tax laws and its own collection methods. The laws and procedures in most states are similar to the federal government, but some states use their own systems.

Even if the collection process is the same, you still have to fill out different paperwork for the IRS and your state. If you want to resolve your tax debt on your own, you need to research both federal and state tax laws.

Consequences of Not Paying or Filing State Taxes

Like the IRS, state revenue departments assess penalties and interest on tax debt. You may also face liens, wage garnishment, or other consequences. However, states can also take revoke or suspend state licenses like driving, professional, and hunting/fishing licenses. Check out this link to learn more about the penalties for delinquent state taxes.

State Tax Relief Links

This page contains links to every state’s department of revenue. These websites contain information on resolving tax debt in each state.

State Tax Debt Relief Help

Our tax resolution partner specialists can help you resolve your tax issues for both state and federal taxes. We have partnered with a tax firm that has been in the business over 10+ years, but will help people in all 50 states settle income, sales, payroll, corporate, and other tax issues. They have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.