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irs bank levy help

irs bank levy help

IRS Bank Levy Overview: Rules and What to Do

An IRS bank account levy is when the IRS seizes funds directly from your bank account to cover back taxes you owe.  Usually, the IRS contacts your bank about your tax debt. Next, your bank must freeze your assets for 21 days from the day it receives the IRS notice.  Consequently, if you don’t take action during that time, the bank sends all the funds to the IRS.

An IRS bank levy will only impact the current funds in the account. In fact, once your bank activates the bank levy, it will not affect any future deposits.  The IRS can issue another bank levy later. However, this rarely happens. 

Usually, this is the last line of defense for the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS only uses this enforcement collection method after trying to contact you several times without getting a response. To understand more about bank levies and how to stop them, explore the information in the links below.

What is a Bank Account Levy? How it Works, What to Expect

A bank account levy is one of the IRS’s most aggressive collection enforcement actions. The IRS forcibly seizes funds in your bank account to cover an outstanding tax debt. This link explains how a bank account levy works and what to expect.

How to Stop or Release a Bank Account Levy

You can stop a bank account levy, but you need to act quickly before the IRS seizes the funds. This link explores multiple ways to stop a bank account levy and protect your assets. The right option depends on your situation.

Bank Levy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to commonly asked questions about IRS bank account levies.

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