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IRS Tax Levy: Overview and Useful Links

An IRS tax levy is when the IRS seizes your property to cover a tax debt. Levies are incredibly serious, and once the IRS starts taking your assets, the agency will continue to take them until the entire debt is paid off. To avoid or stop a property seizure, you need to understand how tax levies work. Check out the following links to learn more.

What is a Tax Levy? What Should I Expect?

A levy is the seizure of assets to cover an unpaid tax liability. This link explains how the IRS places levies. It also looks at what can be taken and what to expect throughout the process.

IRS Notice of Intent to Levy: What it Means, What to Do

Before the IRS places a levy, it sends a notice to the taxpayer. You usually receive this notice if you have completely ignored previous IRS balance due notices. You have 30 days to respond. Here’s a look at your options and a few tips on how to prevent the tax levy.

How to Stop an IRS Levy

To stop an IRS tax levy, you need to know your rights. This link takes a look at ways to stop the tax levy from going into effect.

How to Release a Tax Levy

Once a tax levy has gone into effect, the IRS will continue taking assets until the tax debt is satisfied. However, if you come to an agreement with the IRS, the agency will usually release the levy. The solutions vary based on your situation.

How to Appeal a Tax Levy

There are many different situations in which you may be able to appeal a tax levy. If the appeal is successful, the IRS stops the levy and does not take any of your property.

How IRS Property Seizures Work & How to Stop a Tax Seizure

The IRS has broad powers to seize the property of a taxpayer who didn’t pay their tax obligations. Understand how IRS seizures work, what can be seized and how they can be stopped.

Tax Levy FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Levies

Questions and answers to commonly asked questions about IRS tax levies and asset seizures.

IRS and/or State Tax Levy Relief

We can help you resolve your tax levy. Connect with a professional for your situation, and they act quickly to minimize the impact on your personal assets. Here’s a closer look at the details.