About TaxDebtHelp

TaxDebtHelp.com was founded by a tax professional (licensed Enrolled Agent) and an accountant to help taxpayers navigate and resolve significant IRS & state tax issues. Both individuals (Manny Vetti and Charlie Corsello) have been involved in the tax problem resolution industry since 2007. Check out our team today.

Tax Problems Addressed

At TaxDebtHelp.com, it is our mission to provide individuals and businesses with educational tax resolution information. Moreover, we provide access to premier tax debt relief services through trusted partners for those taxpayers with severe state and IRS tax problems. Specifically, these problems include, but are not limited to:

  • taxes an individual or business cannot pay in full
  • tax liens
  • wage garnishment, 1099 levies, and bank levies
  • tax audits or examinations
  • tax identity theft
  • FBAR troubles
  • spousal tax abuse
  • tax penalties and more

Tax Solutions Resolved

We compliment great information with trusted services through our partners. Our partners are experts with:

  • offers in compromise
  • installment agreements or payment plans
  • penalty abatement
  • filing old tax returns
  • innocent spouse relief
  • tax hardship
  • audit representation
  • tax identity theft relief

The Overall Problem

Every year, over 2 million Americans experience severe IRS tax problems caused by back taxes or tax debt alone. Moreover, millions of state taxpayers may face state and local tax issues.

The Internal Revenue Service and various state tax collection agencies have complex tax laws.  Hence, the average taxpayer has a lot to learn. Therefore, in many cases working with a tax professional who understands the tax code makes sense. Moreover, a licensed tax professional can help you file, pay, settle and resolve tax debt problems. Furthermore, certain tax professions over others better handle specific tax problems. As a result, our partnerships include experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and former IRS agents.

With many tax issues, the IRS provides detailed information that would lead the typical taxpayer to resolution. However, with serious problems, the IRS and most state tax information are not the most comprehensive. In many cases, taxpayers will try to resolve significant tax problem themselves. However, many do not realize that usually, outcomes are much better and faster when you work with a professional.

Access to Tax Guides and Tax Relief Services

We fully comprehend the headaches or stress endured by this information asymmetry in the tax space. Therefore, we provide you the tax debt help you need whether informational/educational or service-based. Sign up for a no-risk, no-obligation, free quote, and consultation so you can connect with a tax professional. The free consult is a tax analysis which will provide you with practical resolution options for your specific problem, including any costs for particular services. If you don’t like forms, call instead.