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Tax Professional Information: IRS Tax Experts & Tax Debt Services

It is no secret that taxes are complex. The complexity of tax laws has given rise to many types of tax professionals, tax companies, and tax services. It would be nice if there was a one size fits all tax professional, but there isn’t. Below are guides to help you understand everything you need to know in order to decide what type of tax professional, tax company, or tax service to use.

Tax Debt Attorney: When to Use IRS Tax Attorneys For Tax Relief

A tax attorney offers many benefits that other types of tax professionals do not offer. Typically a tax attorney is used when dealing with complex, legal, or advanced tax areas.

Enrolled Agents: How an IRS Enrolled Agent Can Help You With Taxes

An enrolled agent can represent any taxpayer with simple to very complex tax problems. They are accredited tax professionals that are competent in tax law.

Certified Public Accountant: What a CPA is & How They Help with Taxes

CPAs are certified tax professionals that can help with a variety of tax issues and tax planning. Understand what you can expect a CPA to help with.