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Tax Relief Services Offered By Tax Relief Companies

When you run into problems with your taxes there are many services offered to help clear up your problem. It is best to talk with a tax professional to find the best solution for your unique tax problem and financial situation. The IRS has many different filings to help people through different problems. Below is a list of tax services that our partnered tax companies offer to help individuals through particular problems.

How Tax Relief Companies Work: What to Expect With Services

Understand how tax relief companies work. Understanding how their services work is important before making a decision on hiring a company to help you. Most companies work in the same manner, but it is important to not be pressured into signing up with them and it is important to get all your options before making a decision.

Tax Debt Settlement Services

If you would like to settle IRS and/or state taxes a tax relief company can analyze your financial situation and find which tax settlement method would work best for your particular tax situation. There are many different forms of settlements and it is important to get a professional opinion before selecting which one is best for you.

  • Offer in Compromise

    With an offer in compromise a taxpayer can settle their taxes owed for far less than they owe. For this reason, it is one of the most difficult filings to make. Using a tax professional to make this filing greatly increase the likelihood of this filing being accepted.

  • Penalty Abatement

    If you would like to remove penalties owed you can have them forgiven with the appropriate filings and showing appropriate proof. Tax professionals are trained and experienced in knowing what the IRS looks for when people file for an abatement.

  • Innocent Spouse Relief

    The IRS does realize that there are times it would be unfair to hold a spouse liable for taxes owed due to a joint tax filing. Innocent spouse relief is a difficult filing and tax relief professionals can ensure the proper paperwork is filed and follow through with filing to ensure all tax liabilities have been lifted from the “innocent spouse”.

  • Payment Plan Negotiation and Setup

    If you do not qualify for a method to pay less than you owe a tax professional will find the best method to pay back the taxes you owe under a payment plan authorized by the IRS. A tax professional can find what payment method works best for you and work out an affordable payment plan to pay back the taxes owed for federal and or state taxes.

  • Hardship/Uncollectible Service

    If you cannot pay your taxes owed it is possible to temporarily stop collection actions of the IRS and be declared uncollectible for a period of time until your financial situation improves enough where you can pay the IRS. In order to do this proper paperwork must be filed to prove your poor financial situation with the IRS.

File Back Taxes Service

If you have outstanding returns that have not been filed for any amount of time, even if you are missing important tax documents, a tax professional can ensure these returns are filed appropriately with the IRS, while ensuring maximum deductions. If you find you owe more taxes than you owe a tax professional can also set you up with a tax settlement.

Remove a Tax Levy

If the IRS has begun to seize assets from you, either through your bank account, wage garnishment or physical seizure of assets a tax professional can halt the IRS. A tax professional can find the appropriate tax settlement method and file the proper paperwork to ensure the IRS does not seize any assets.

  • Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

    If your wages are being garnished by the IRS a tax professional can quickly stop the wage levy and come up with the best solution for you. A tax professional will analyze your tax, financial, and work situation to determine the best course of action.

  • IRS Bank Account Levy Help

    If your account has been frozen, our partnered tax professionals can quickly analyze your situation and come up with the best method to resolve your tax problem and prevent the bank account levy. Find out more on how our service works.

Remove a Tax Lien

A tax lien will remain in place until you have paid off your taxes or until you have made some other agreement with the IRS. A tax professional will be able to find the best way for you to get back into good standing with the IRS to release a tax tax lien while not creating financial hardship for you.

Audit Representation

Did you receive a notice of audit? If you have one of our partnered tax relief firms can represent you in your audit and make sure everything is presented in the correct way. Did you know audits go both ways, a tax professional will review your tax filing to see if there is any other deductions you missed to potentially offset what the IRS finds. Tax professionals have many tactics in audits to ensure things go over smoothly.

Disclaimer: The content on this website is for educational purposes only and does not serve as legal or tax advice. For specific advice regarding your tax situation, contact a licensed tax professional or tax attorney.