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Owe Taxes? Don’t Avoid It Anymore

tax debt helpTax debt is so difficult because you know that you can’t afford to pay your taxes, but you still owe money. In many cases, it seems easier to avoid the issue altogether. If you can’t pay your tax bill, it seems pointless to address the issue.

However, […]

IRS Allowable Expenses 2011: If You Owe Taxes & Cannot Pay

cannot pay IRS taxes owedIf you think that you can get away with not paying taxes that you owe the IRS, think again. Very few people ever get out of paying tax debt, and when they do, it is usually because they have successfully proven that they honestly are unable to pay their […]

4 Options If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

cannot pay irsNot being able to pay your taxes is likely not as bad as you think it is. Everyone has heard the stories of the IRS taking homes, cars, boats, and other things that devastate people’s lives. The truth is, the IRS is very willing to work with taxpayers that are having […]

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