About TaxDebtHelp.com

At TaxDebtHelp.com, it is our mission to provide you with not only trusted do-it-yourself tax resolution information but premier tax debt relief services for those taxpayers with serious State and Federal tax problems. These problems include, but are not limited to, tax liens, tax levies (wage garnishment or wage levies, bank levies), tax audits, back taxes, tax penalties and interest.

We compliment great information with trusted tax solutions and services through our partners that include, but are not limited to, Offer In Compromise help, IRS Payment Plan or Installment Agreement assistance, Penalty Abatement help, Innocent Spouse Relief, Unfiled Tax Return help, Audit Representation and more. Our partners include experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, former IRS agents and other experts as certain tax problems are better handled by certain tax professions over others.

Every year over 2 million Americans experience serious IRS tax problems caused by back taxes or tax debt alone, not counting those faced with State Income and Property Taxes. The Internal Revenue Service and State Tax Collection Agencies typically adhere to convoluted tax laws which have lead to the proliferation of tax specialists or professionals, leaving the average taxpayer with a lot to learn.

With many tax issues, the IRS provides detailed information that would lead the typical taxpayer to resolution. However, with serious issues, IRS information is not the most comprehensive. Often times, taxpayers will try to resolve major tax problem themselves, not realizing, that sometimes outcomes are much better and faster when you work with a professional.

We fully comprehend the headaches or stress endured by this information asymmetry and therefore we provide you the tax debt help you need whether informational or service based. Sign up for a no risk, no obligation, free quote and consultation so you can connect with a tax professional who can help you file, pay, settle and resolve tax debt problems. The free consultation is a tax analysis which will provide you with practical resolution options for your specific problem, including any costs for the service. If you don’t like forms, call today.