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tax lien help

tax lien help

How an IRS Tax Lien Works and How to Withdraw One

A tax lien is the first major step the IRS takes against taxpayers in order to collect delinquent taxes. The IRS uses the lien to secure claim to assets in order to ensure the taxpayer pays their taxes owed. Understanding how a tax lien works is important in order to figure out how to get the IRS to remove it.

What Is A Tax Lien?

A lien is placed on a property or asset in order to secure payment of taxes. There are many reasons why a tax lien may be placed although they are mainly enacted because of a failure to pay taxes.

How to Release a Tax Lien

There are many ways to release a tax lien and now even withdraw it from your credit altogether. A tax lien can hold people back financially so it is important to take action in order to remove the lien. Once you know your options to remove the lien, you can then decide which method works best for you based on your financial situation and tax amount owed.

Tax Lien FAQs

Questions and answers to commonly asked questions about federal tax liens. Understand how a tax lien works and what you can do about a federal tax lien.

Appealing a Tax Lien that was Filed

How to appeal a filing of a tax lien. There are many circumstances in which a lien can be appealed. If you win the appeal the lien will be removed.

IRS or State Tax Lien Professional Help

Learn how we can help with your federal tax lien. We will match you with the best tax professionals to remove the lien and stop the IRS from further actions