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tax lien help

tax lien help

IRS Tax Lien Help: Relief from Your Federal Tax Lien

A tax lien can have a devastating effect on a taxpayers credit and financial well being. We will match you with the best tax firm that can help sort through your tax problem in order to find the best plan of action to take in order to resolve your tax lien. Depending on your financial situation and tax situation there are many different courses of action. You can be assured that you will find the best one because you will be able to talk with multiple tax professionals and get various opinions. Tax liens can be extremely complicated, especially if you have never handled one before. All of our tax professionals are experienced in handling tax liens and have worked many cases to resolve them successfully.

How it Works?

  • Receive a free, no obligation consultation from one or multiple of our partnered tax firms
  • Determine the best solution for handling your tax lien
  • Find out if an offer in compromise is a likely option to remove the lien and settle taxes owed for less.
  • Find out if any errors are discovered in the tax lien process and get an immediate appeal of the filing of the tax lien.
  • The tax team can file for a Power of Attorney with the IRS to stop the IRS from harassing you. All communication from the IRS will be routed to your chosen tax firm.
  • Have the tax firm prepare all necessary documentation and negotiate on your behalf.