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State Tax Debt Relief Information

Most people that owe taxes owe both the federal government taxes as well as state taxes. Each state has tax laws and their different ways of collecting taxes—some completely separate from the federal government. Most states that collect state income taxes will have laws and settlement procedures similar to the federal government, but they still require separate paperwork for almost everything. If you are resolving your taxes on your own it is important to research both federal and state tax laws in order to completely resolve your tax problems.

Consequences of Not Paying or Filing State Taxes

Many states have tax penalties and enforcement actions similar to the IRS for taxpayers that fail to file and pay state taxes owed. However, some states can suspend state-issued licenses as well. Here a few enforcement actions some U.S. states can take to compel delinquent state taxpayers to come forward.

State Tax Relief Links

Links to each state’s department of revenue that contains information on resolving tax problems with your particular state. If you need help with your tax problem, please visit the link below and request help from one of our partnered tax relief specialists.

State Tax Debt Relief Help

We have partnered with tax firms from around the country that can help resolve your tax problems for both federal and state taxes. We help individuals in all 50 states settle income, sales, payroll, corporate and other tax issues.