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Should You File Your Taxes Yourself?

1040-EZ when to file for yourselfFor many years, I prepared and filed my own taxes. I've only been paying someone else to take care of my taxes since tax year 2007. In many cases, there is no reason to pay someone else to handle your taxes if the situation is relatively simple and you can handle the paperwork on your own.

Road Usage Tax to Replace Gas Tax

states consider road use taxesWhile environmentalists and others probably applaud the increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles on the roads, some states are finding a new problem with these types of cars: falling revenue.

The Battle for Tax Break Extensions

tax breaks and extensionsIt’s become an annual ritual for Congress: At the end of the year, lawmakers wrangle over which tax breaks to make permanent, which to renew, and which to let expire. Very rarely do tax breaks become permanent; instead, much time is devoted to arguing over which tax breaks are worth keeping, and which should be allowed to come to an end.

Are You Eligible for the Saver's Credit?

savings tax creditOne of the issues acknowledged when it comes to low- and moderate-income workers is the fact that it can be difficult to set aside money for the future. In order to help encourage workers to set aside money for retirement, the government offers a saver’s tax credit.

Soda Tax Gets Approval in Berkeley, California

berkeley california soda taxOne of the more interesting things to follow is to see what people are willing to pay for through taxes.

2015 Federal Tax Brackets Released by the IRS

2015 Federal Tax BracketsIt’s a busy time of year for the IRS. This is usually when the IRS releases information about tax brackets, as well as changes to retirement account contributions, as well as what constitutes the standard deduction.

Your Wireless Bill: Hefty Taxes Included

cell phone taxesMany people think that taxes comprise their federal income taxes and state taxes. Others remember that they pay sales taxes as well. However, the vast majority of consumers probably don’t think about the other taxes that they are paying on a regular basis. Among those taxes are those charged as part of your wireless bill.

Social Security Tax Hikes: What are Americans Willing to Pay For?

social-security-benefitsThere’s a lot of debate going on right now with regard to taxes. We often think of Americans as not willing to accept higher taxes, but there are some cases in which Americans -- even conservatives -- are willing to accept higher taxes in some cases. One of those cases is in the area of Social Security.

Using a Donor-Advised Fund to Get a Tax Break

donor advised fundYou probably know that you can get a tax break when you donate to certain causes. You can even donate a stock or other asset to charity and get a tax deduction. However, it’s possible to go beyond just giving an asset and being done. The tax benefits associated with donor-advised funds are allowing them to increase in popularity.

Could You Be Taxed on Perks from Your Employer?

irs reviews employees perksEvery year, the IRS publishes a guidance plan, which takes a look at the items that the IRS plans to scrutinize in the coming months. On the list for the upcoming year is one of the perks offered by some employers: free lunch.

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