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Why Trump’s Tax Plan May Not Ultimately Reduce Charitable Giving

trump tax plan and charitable givingThere’s a lot of speculation about what’s going to happen with Trump’s tax plan or the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Many people are panicking or rejoicing without looking at the details, and others are narrowing in on a single aspect of the plan while ignoring […]

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The Hollywood Conspiracy to Make You Fear Audits

Hollywood Conspiracy to Make You Fear AuditsHollywood peddles a lot of stories, and one of the most popular is that there is an IRS agent waiting around every corner. Dorothy from Golden Girls, the stress-out parents on the cult classic This So Called Life, the squad at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and countless other TV characters all faced grueling […]

Income Based Repayment: A Big Tax Bill in the Making?

student-tax-debtOne of the programs that many students take advantage of upon graduating from college is income based repayment. There are a handful of different income based repayment programs, with the first program starting in 1994.

The idea behind income based repayment is to allow graduates to apply to make more manageable payments according to their income levels. Student […]

Should You Be Able to Say Where Your Taxes Go?

say-in-where-taxes-goIt’s a common refrain: I wish my taxes didn’t pay for that!

Many of us look at the way the government spends taxpayer dollars, and wish that it went elsewhere. Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone. We live in a country with millions of citizens, and there are multiple opinions about how […]

Watch Out for These Frivolous Tax Arguments

frivolous tax argumentsNow that the latest tax season is over, many payers are reeling from the tax bill — especially those who weren’t expecting the surtaxes that come with Obamacare.

When you are surprised by your tax bill, it’s tempting to argue that you don’t owe what Uncle Sam says you […]

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