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When Do You Pay Self-Employment Tax?

self employment tax IRSWhen you’re self-employed, taxes are a different ballgame than for those employed by others. Not only do you have to make sure that you pay your taxes regularly – they aren’t automatically held from your paycheck – but you also have to pay the self-employment tax.

Your […]

Hire Veterans, Offer Health Care Coverage, and Get a Tax Credit

small business tax creditSmall businesses are often considered the backbone of our economy. In order to help small businesses grow, the government often provides different tax credits. These tax credits can provide incentives that keep costs down for small businesses, and can even help the economy as small businesses […]

File an Annual Information Return or Risk Losing Tax Exempt Status

Tax Exempt Status IRS

It seems logical: Your charitable organization doesn’t have to pay taxes, so there is no reason to file a tax return. Unfortunately, many tax exempt organizations fall into this line of reasoning – and it’s one that could cost you. Even if your organization doesn’t pay taxes, you still need […]

Is a Flat Tax the Answer?

Flat TaxEverywhere you look these days, it seems as though someone is suggesting a flat tax. Our complex tax code is under fire, and many demand a simpler structure. The flat tax seems to fit the bill exactly. However, there is a great debate as to exactly what form a flat tax […]

2011 Year End Tax Deductions, Credits and Planning Tips

year ending tax tipsAs the year draws to a close, it’s time to squeeze in some tax deductions and credits that might save you money come April 17th.

If you are looking to reduce your tax liability, here are some 2011 year-end tax planning tips or options that you may […]

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