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Taxes After Death: Tax Fraud Using Old Social Security Numbers

social security fraud and taxesWhen we think of tax fraud, often our minds jump to activities like under-reporting income and overstating deductions and credits. Sometimes, we also consider fraudulent actions like identity theft. Many scam artists use others’ Social Security numbers to claim their refunds. However, another form of tax […]

IRS Reverses 2-Year Limit on Innocent Spouse Relief Claims

innocent spouse relief 2 year rule changeEffective immediately, the IRS today reversed the 2-year statute of limitations on Innocent Spouse Relief equitable relief claims after the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the IRS request to put a reasonable time limit on these […]

Innocent Spouse Relief Valid Only Within 2 Years of IRS Collections

innocent spouse relief changeFiling a joint income tax return makes both parties equally responsible for any tax liability in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This equal responsibility is known as joint and several liability. Under the IRS rules, married couples filing jointly are responsible for the […]

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