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Defaulting an IRS Installment Agreement or IRS Payment Plan

default tax payment planDefaulting on an IRS Installment Agreement or Federal tax payment plan will be primarily brought about by a few scenarios. Remember, just because you defaulted does not meet your agreement is terminated. However, regardless of the manner in which you have defaulted, stay in contact with the IRS.

Failing to Make or Missing a […]

September 13th, 2010|IRS Payment Plan|6 Comments

The Truth About Tax Payment Plans

Tax Payment PlansIf you are not capable of paying your tax debt to the IRS in one payment, the IRS offers several tax payment plans or Installment Agreements in order to help you pay off tax debt without serious financial hardship. When considering an Installment Agreement, it is important to be aware […]

4 Options If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

cannot pay irsNot being able to pay your taxes is likely not as bad as you think it is. Everyone has heard the stories of the IRS taking homes, cars, boats, and other things that devastate people’s lives. The truth is, the IRS is very willing to work with taxpayers that are having […]

Guide on How Long to Keep Financial Documents for Tax Purposes

tax documentsAre you confused about how long you should keep tax documents? Many people are in this position because there are so many conflicting opinions. Fortunately, we’re here to set the record straight.

The primary reason for keeping tax documents is to provide backup to the IRS if you are ever questioned about your […]

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