What are FICA Taxes?

estimated-taxes-dueWhen you received your first paycheck, you were probably surprised to discover that what you told you are earning, and what you actually come home with, are two different things. Due to tax withholding from your paycheck, your take-home pay is usually less than you earn.

Your federal and state income tax payments are usually withheld from your […]

How Do You View Your Tax Refund?

view tax refundNow that we’re getting into the tail end of tax season, it’s a good time to think about how you view your tax refund. The way you think of your tax refund can make a big difference in the way you spend it.

According to a recent survey from Capital One, only 12% of respondents think […]

Chicago Enacts “Cloud Tax” to Cover Streaming Services

new-cloud-tax-chicagoAs the Internet has grown in popularity over time, many consumers have found it a cost-effective way to shop and be entertained. In many cases, taxes that apply to other activities in daily life aren’t collected when that activity is completed through the medium of the Internet.

Over the years, many states and localities have made efforts […]

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Taxes After Death: Tax Fraud Using Old Social Security Numbers

social security fraud and taxesWhen we think of tax fraud, often our minds jump to activities like under-reporting income and overstating deductions and credits. Sometimes, we also consider fraudulent actions like identity theft. Many scam artists use others’ Social Security numbers to claim their refunds. However, another form of tax […]

Small Business Owners Want Tax Reform

small business tax reformWhen it comes to the push and pull around taxes, many feel as though small businesses get left out. Small business owners are among the first to
tell you that they aren’t usually considered when lawmakers create tax policy. The 2015 Small Business Attitudes on Taxes survey was recently
released by […]