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October 15th Tax Filing Deadline for Extension Filers Approaches

october 15th tax deadlineOctober 15th 2010 is quickly approaching. This is an important date for the millions of taxpayers that filed for a 2009 tax filing extension. This deadline is important to not miss because after this date taxpayers can face some serious tax penalties and interest for unfiled or unpaid taxes. Below are […]

Illinois Tax Amnesty Until November 8th 2010

illinois tax amnestyIn an attempt to collect Illinois back taxes the state of Illinois is implementing a tax amnesty program. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn plans this tax amnesty program will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to help Illinois’s struggling economy.

The amnesty program will allow anyone who owes taxes from the period of June […]

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Charles Dutton Under Fire From IRS

charles dutton tax problem

Actor Charles S. Dutton has made a name for himself through his Emmy worthy acting, but his record is not as clean as the characters he often portrays. With the start of college football season, it may be hard to watch television without spotting Dutton’s face, known for his notorious role in the Notre Dame […]

What to Look For/Look out For in a Tax Relief Company

tax relief companyFinding a great tax relief company can significantly help your tax situation and overall financial situation. Tax code is complex and there are many more ins and outs to tax laws than many people realize. There can be two people with extremely similar tax and financial situations but can receive significantly […]

Common Reasons Tax Penalties Can be Removed

tax penaltyWhen it comes to issuing penalties the IRS shows no remorse. They have computers that automatically generate penalty after penalty depending upon what the taxpayer did wrong. One good thing to know is that the IRS is actually pretty lenient with allowing taxpayers to remove the penalties that they owe. Before the […]

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