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Taxes on Unemployment Benefits: Answers to Common Questions

unemployment benefits and taxesWhen you’ve been laid off and are collecting unemployment, money is already pretty tight. The last thing you need is a surprise next year when you do your taxes!

What is Considered Unemployment Compensation or Benefits?

Unemployment benefits typically include income received under US unemployment compensation programs (paid […]

October 15th Tax Filing Deadline for Extension Filers Approaches

october 15th tax deadlineOctober 15th 2010 is quickly approaching. This is an important date for the millions of taxpayers that filed for a 2009 tax filing extension. This deadline is important to not miss because after this date taxpayers can face some serious tax penalties and interest for unfiled or unpaid taxes. Below are […]

IRS Interest Rates Unchanged for Fourth Quarter

IRS Interest RatesLast week, the IRS stated that interest rates for the fourth quarter will remain unchanged. Interest rates are decided on a quarterly basis and they vary depending upon whether there is an underpayment or overpayment of taxes and whether it is a corporation or not. Interest compounds daily […]

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