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Offer in Compromise Help

A tax professional will prepare all documents necessary to negotiate for a settlement with the IRS that is less than the total amount you owe.  A tax professional will ensure to file the proper way to reflect your financial situation. You may be able to show effective tax administration by showing that if the IRS were to liquidate your finances, this would produce undue financial hardship on you. Your financial information determines the amount of the debt that you pay.

How It Works?

  • Receive a free, no obligation consultation from one of our tax resolution partners
  • Determine if you are a likely candidate for the Offer in Compromise Program
  • If you are not a likely candidate we will find you the next best solution for your financial situation.
  • Our partner team will file a Power of Attorney with the IRS to stop the IRS from harassing you and to request your tax records from the IRS or State. All communications from the IRS / State will be routed to the tax resolution firm.
  • Have one of the tax professionals prepare necessary required documentation and negotiate a resolution with the IRS or State on your behalf.