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IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Help: Help to Transfer Your Tax Liability

Do you need help with innocent spouse relief? Not sure if you will qualify or need help understanding the detailed requirements? We can help! Our partnered tax professionals are experienced in making innocent spouse relief tax filings and know the exact requirements needed to get your filing accepted. Our partnered tax professionals can quickly analyze your tax and personal situation and make a determination if you are a good candidate. If you are, they can prepare all the IRS documents required and handle the IRS on your behalf. If you are not a good candidate they can suggest alternative methods to settling your taxes and resolving any other IRS problem.

How a Tax Professional Can Help with Innocent Spouse Relief

Using a tax professional to help with innocent spouse relief can be the best thing to increase your chances of your case being accepted. It is important to get your tax filing right the first time because if your filing is not accepted it may be nearly impossible to ever get reconsidered for innocent spouse relief for those years which you filed. There are three different forms of innocent spouse relief and if you don’t qualify for one your situation will be analyzed to see if you meet the requirements of the others. When making the filing for innocent spouse relief it is important to understand exactly how the taxpayer meets the specific requirements and details those in the filing. There are many questions in the innocent spouse relief filing that are indirectly asking about how you meet the requirements and our partnered tax professionals know the best way to answer these questions for you. Below are some advantages to using a tax professional for innocent spouse relief help:

  • The IRS actually prefers working with a tax professional. Tax professionals make the jobs of IRS employees easier. Did you know that once someone files for innocent spouse relief a halt is put on all collection actions? A tax professional can ensure the IRS immediately stops collection activities as soon as possible in order to follow through with your tax filing.
  • A tax professional can quickly analyze your tax and personal situation and make a determination if you are a likely candidate for this type of relief. For an individual it may take several hours of reading through tedious IRS code in order to determine if they “may” qualify for this type of relief. There are actually three different forms of innocent spouse relief, each having their own set of requirements and stipulations. A tax professional is aware of these requirements and stipulations and can determine quickly which method would be best to file for.

How it Works

  • Fill out the form and receive a free, no obligation consultation from one or multiple of our partnered tax firms that are all experienced in innocent spouse relief filings
  • Get a quick determination if you will qualify for innocent spouse relief
  • Have the tax team file for a power of attorney with the IRS to stop the IRS from contacting you and all communication will be routed to your chosen tax company
  • Get all the documents and required letters filed on your behalf by qualified tax professionals
  • Get your innocent spouse relief filing accepted and transfer your tax liability to your spouse or former spouse