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Tax Settlement Help: Service to Help with Settling Taxes

When taxes are owed it is important for the taxpayer to find the best settlement option available for their particular situation. Many taxpayers end up paying much more in interest and penalties on their taxes if they make the wrong choice. We will match you with an ethical and A BBB tax firm that will analyze your tax and financial situation and come up with the best tax settlement method for you. You can be assured that you will be working with a competent tax team because you will be able to talk with multiple professionals and get various opinions and likely outcomes. All partners are experts in tax settlement filings. They will not make promises about settling for less like most other companies will. You can be assured your situation will be evaluated closely and the tax professionals will find the settlement method that will save you the most money over the long term.

How it Works?

  • Receive a free, no obligation consultation from one or multiple of our partnered tax firms
  • Determine the best settlement method for your unique tax and financial problem
  • Find out if you will be able to settle for less through the offer in compromise program
  • The tax team can file for Power of Attorney with the IRS to stop the IRS from harassing you. All communications from the IRS will then be routed to your chosen tax firm
  • Have the tax firm prepare the necessary documentation and negotiate the best deal on your behalf!