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irs wage garnishment help

irs wage garnishment help

IRS Wage Garnishment Help: Help Stopping an IRS Wage Levy

Do you need help with an IRS wage garnishment? We can help! Our partnered tax professionals can prevent the garnishment from going into effect or they can put a hold on the garnishment while they resolve and settle your taxes owed. If no action is taken the IRS will continue to garnish your wages until they have collected everything you owe, plus interest and penalties. It is important to act fast and request a free consultation from a tax professional or tax resolution firm to limit the effects of the garnishment.

How a Tax Professional Can Help with Wage Garnishment

The IRS actually prefers working with tax professionals over working with individual taxpayers. Working with a tax professional greatly increases your chances of getting a great outcome and resolving your tax problem for many reasons:

    1. Hiring a tax professional to handle your tax problem shows the IRS that you are willing and actually do want to resolve your tax problem. The IRS typically enforces a wage levy because they have already made the assumption that you are an uncooperative taxpayer and a levy is the only way they will be able to collect. Hiring a tax professional gives them the signal that you do indeed want to resolve your tax problem and they will be more willing to work with you on coming to an agreement.
    2. A tax professional can analyze your financial and tax situation to come up with the best resolution method available. A tax professional will keep your financial needs in mind and work with you to find what would work best for you instead of doing what the IRS suggests (which is not always the best solution).
    3. You can be assured that the methodology of choice to settle your taxes will be accepted by the IRS because the tax professional will be very thorough and complete on filling it out. Tax professionals or tax resolution firms have had a lot of experience in different filings and know exactly what is required to get a filing accepted by the IRS.

How it Works?

  • Receive a free, no obligation consultation form one or multiple of our partnered tax firms
  • Determine the best solution for handling your IRS wage garnishment
  • Find out if there is a way to settle taxes for less and stop the wage levy at the same time
  • Find out if any errors were discovered in the tax levy process and get an immediate release of the levy if there were
  • The tax team can file for Power of Attorney with the IRS to stop the IRS from harassing you. All communication from the IRS will be routed to your chosen tax firm
  • Have the tax firm prepare all necessary documentation and negotiate on your behalf!