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irs bank levy help

irs bank levy help

IRS Bank Levy Help: Help Stopping a Bank Account Levy

Do you need help stopping or releasing an IRS bank account levy? We can help! Our partnered tax professionals can stop the bank account levy and prevent the IRS from seizing your funds while they negotiate an alternative solution with the IRS. It is important that you act fast because the IRS will seize the funds in the bank account 21 days after they had the bank freeze the account. Request a free consultation from one of our partnered tax firms in order to limit the effect of the levy and to resolve your tax problems once and for all.

How a Tax Professional Can Help with an IRS Wage Levy

Using a tax professional to help with an IRS bank levy can be your best option to prevent the IRS from seizing your funds. Tax professionals provide great value to taxpayers that need help and especially those that need help fast. Below are some benefits and advantages to using a tax professional to help you with your bank levy.

  • The IRS actually prefers working with tax professionals, especially in situations where a levy is involved. The reason why the IRS levies assets is because they have tried every other option to try to get the taxpayer to pay what is owed and they failed. Even if the taxpayer tries to come to a resolution this late in the game, the IRS is extremely hesitant to believe them. Once you hire a tax professional it sends a positive signal to the IRS that you actually do want to resolve your tax problem and you have hired a tax professional to help you. Some people are under the misconception that the IRS frowns on this, that is not true.
  • A tax professional can quickly analyze your financial and tax situation to come up with the best plan of action for your situation. There are many different options to handling an IRS bank levy and it is important to use the best one for your situation so you are not left with little money to handle your other financial matters. The difference between working with the IRS on a solution and working with a tax professional is that the tax professional will do what works best for you financially while the IRS will only suggest methods that work best for them.
  • A tax professional also knows all the IRS lingo and how different procedures work. This makes the the job of an IRS employee much easier. With that being said an IRS employee will typically give more favorable results to a tax professional which is essential when you do not have much time.

How it Works?

  • Receive a free, no obligation consultation from one or multiple of our partnered tax firms
  • Determine the best solution for handling your IRS bank levy
  • Find out if there is a way to settle taxes for less and stop the bank levy at the same time
  • Find out if any errors were discovered in the tax levy process and get an immediate release of the levy if there were
  • The tax team can file for Power of Attorney with the IRS to stop the IRS from harassing you. All communication from the IRS will be routed to your chosen tax firm
  • Have the tax firm prepare all necessary documentation and negotiate on your behalf!