5 Ways Your Home Can Provide a Tax Benefit

home tax bWhen it comes to homeownership, the costs can be difficult to deal with. Maintenance and repairs — not to mention concerns about a possible drop in value — can make it hard for you to feel excited about your home. However, there are ways to get a tax benefit from your home. Here are 5 ways that your home can provide a tax benefit: […]

Stock Market Losses? What You Need to Know About Taxes

stock market losses and taxesWe’ve seen quite a bit of volatility recently in the stock market, and that has some investors a little rattled. While long-term investors view these types of downturns complacently, waiting it out for eventual gains over a period of decades, other investors end up selling low and locking in losses.

Other investors view these times […]

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3 Ways to Reduce Tax Refund Fraud

tax fraud preventionConsumers and the IRS continue to grapple with the reality of tax refund fraud as the tax season continues. Tax refund fraud is attractive to many scammers because it’s hard to catch the perpetrators. Earlier this year, TurboTax even had to shut down for a short time due to a massive refund scam.

As tax […]

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Tax Complexity Costs the Economy $233.8 Billion

tax compliance costsWe all know the tax code is complex. In fact, many of us think that the tax code is needlessly complex. An annual study of the tax code’s complexity and its costs was recently released by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF). This study […]

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Refund Anticipation Loans

tax refund anticipation loansDuring tax time, it’s common to see advertisements claiming that you can get your tax refund “early,” or even walk out of a tax preparers office with your refund in hand. Before you get too excited about this, understand that you are likely being […]