Alvin Joiner, aka Xzibit, the famous rapper, actor, and TV host, has even more IRS tax debt than what was previously reported in the past. Xzibit, besides having a few singles that made the BillBoard charts, was in actor in movies such as “XXX:State of the Union,” “Gridiron Gang,” and “8 Mile” to name a few. He is also well known from starring in the show “Pimp my Ride.”

Recently, Xzibit’s IRS tax liabilities have grown to about $960,000, according to public records, even though he has tried to file for bankruptcy. The IRS slapped him with a tax lien on 11/2 in Los Angeles for $22k and change. Last year, the IRS in a New Mexico and California, slapped him with IRS tax liens¬†for about $435k and $205k respectively. In 2008, the IRS filed a lien against him for $296k.