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Is a Flat Tax the Answer?

Flat TaxEverywhere you look these days, it seems as though someone is suggesting a flat tax. Our complex tax code is under fire, and many demand a simpler structure. The flat tax seems to fit the bill exactly. However, there is a great debate as to exactly what form a flat tax […]

Why is There So Much Interest in Candidate Tax Returns?

Candidate Tax ReturnsIt’s become almost a matter of course: If you are running for public office, you are expected to release your tax return each year. This is especially true if you are running for “higher” offices. Most mayoral candidates aren’t expected to release their tax returns, but if the candidate […]

Are Tax the Rich Proponents Getting Their Wish Through Inflation?

Inflation a Hidden TaxTaxation is a hotbed topic, and for good reason. The amount of taxes that the government levies on citizens can have a major impact on the economy. No one can seem to agree on the best balance of taxing and spending. In can be argued though those proponents for tax […]

Are High Tax Rates a Reason for a Small Cisco Systems Dividend?

corporate tax and cisco and dividendsCisco Systems, like some other tech firms, is being labeled a “hoarder” for paying a small dividend. Moreover, Cisco’s stock price is down this year alone 20% or so. Many shareholders, notably Ralph Nader, recently criticized Cisco for paying such a […]

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