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Is $250,000 Really Rich With the Tax Debate?

is 250,000 really rich when it comes to taxes?With the negotiations over the fiscal cliff underway, the debate over what constitutes “rich” is part of the picture. The line that President Obama and his allies in policy have drawn is an income […]

December 6th, 2012|Tax Opinion|1 Comment

A Tax Loophole with Hedge Funds?

taxes and hedge fundsHedge funds and private equity have been two sectors of the economy talked about lately in the media and among politicians. When it comes to the tax code, some would argue that hedge fund managers and private equity managers have an extraordinary tax advantage because of something called “carried interest […]

Top 25 Funny & Famous Tax Quotes

funny tax quotesMany people claim having a sense of humor will get you through the most difficult of times – what’s more challenging than parting with your hard earned money to pay your income taxes? Everyone from politicians to comedians and authors has had something to say about the United States tax system […]

What Tax Accountants, CPAs & Tax Preparers Do – MEME

what tax accountants do meme’s version of “what tax accountants do”. Please comment below and let us know what you like and don’t like about this. Also, please share with your accounting friends.

Overview of the FairTax: Definition, Benefits & Criticism

FairTax OverviewSince 1999, the FairTax has been a proposal regularly brought forth in Congress. The main goal of the FairTax is to replace federal taxes on income and capital gains with a national sales tax. That way, taxes are collected on consumption, rather than on income. The national sales tax would be collected […]

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