Tax Transcript Breach and Your Identity

irs security breach identity theftNot too long ago, the IRS released information that tax transcripts had been breached using the “Get Transcript” application. In relative terms, the breach is somewhat small, with approximately 100,000 successful attempts to get access to tax transcripts and another about 100,000 unsuccessful attempts.

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Obama’s 2016 Budget: $280 Billion in Tax Cuts for Some Americans

2016 obama blog post articlePresident Obama has revealed his proposed budget, and it includes close to $280 billion in tax cuts for families with low to middle incomes. The tax cuts for those income brackets would be paid for with about $1.5 trillion in new taxes over the […]

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Poorest Pay Higher Percentage of Income in Local Taxes than Top 1%

low wage earners pay more in local taxesWhen we think of taxes, often we focus on federal income taxes. However, the reality is that state and local taxes are likely to have an impact as well. And, even though there is much discussion of people […]

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Soda Tax Gets Approval in Berkeley, California

berkeley california soda taxOne of the more interesting things to follow is to see what people are willing to pay for through taxes. In some cases, citizens are willing to see an increase in taxes in order to pay for shoring up Social Security, or they might […]

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Could You Be Taxed on Perks from Your Employer?

irs reviews employees perksEvery year, the IRS publishes a guidance plan, which takes a look at the items that the IRS plans to scrutinize in the coming months. On the list for the upcoming year is one of the perks offered by some employers: free lunch.

There are a number of employers that […]

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