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Homebuyer Tax Credit Repayment for 2008 Begins on 2010 Tax Return

2008 homebuyer tax credit repaymentIf you were a first time homebuyer and claimed the first time homebuyer tax credit (FTHB) when you purchased your home in 2008, it is time to start paying the government back in most cases since repayment of the credit starts in the 2nd […]

Green Efficient Tax Credits That Expire Soon

energy tax creditsOver the last several years there have been numerous tax credits available to taxpayers when they make positive lifestyle “green” purchases. These energy efficient tax credits are offered when you make purchase that will have a positive environmental impact. These tax credits are dollar for dollar deductions right […]

College Tax Credit Expiring If Congress Does Nothing

tax credits for collegeFew Americans these days dispute the fact that times are tougher and continued education is imperative to take advantage of new opportunities as they emerge. The cost of college tuitions nationwide have gone up, closing the door for many students who cannot afford the exorbitant amounts without serious financial aid. […]

Homebuyer Credit Deadline Extended into September

tax-credit-extendedLast week, President Obama eased the mind those hoping to take advantage of the First-Time Homebuyer Credit who were struggling to meet the previous closing deadline of June 30th. On Friday, July 2nd Obama signed the Homebuyer Assistance and Improvement Act that will allow those who recently contracted a home to […]

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