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Energy Efficiency Tax Credits to Take on Your 2011 Tax Return

Energy Efficient Tax CreditsPresident Obama extended several tax credits through 2011, including a number of home improvement energy efficiency tax credits. Many of the energy efficiency tax credits allowed in 2011 and beyond are lower than they had been previously. Last year, tax credits for energy efficiency improvements were as […]

Lower Adoption Costs in 2011 & 2012 With the Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Tax CreditWhen you are in the process of adopting, it seems like there is always another bill to be paid. Travel expenses, home study fees, court costs, and more keep piling up.

The IRS offers an adoption tax credit to make adoption more affordable and to hopefully allow families to adopt […]

Selling Your Home? Sale of Home Capital Gains & Other Tax Factors

tax considerations of home saleThere are several factors to consider when selling your home, especially in an economy where every cent counts. It is essential for homeowners to understand how actions related to selling a home will impact their finances and, in particular, their tax liabilities.

Since purchasing or selling a home may be […]

Is Summer Camp Eligible for the Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit?

summer camp tax creditFor most parents who have children 13 or younger, summer camp is usually something for them to do during the summer months when school is out. The cost of summer camp though can sometimes be expensive, especially with this lackluster economy.

Fortunately, summer camp expenses may qualify […]

Saver’s Tax Credit: Get Rewarded For Retirement Savings

saver's tax creditIt can be challenging to save enough money for retirement, and even more so if you don’t have much disposable income in the first place. Putting away money can become something that always happens “later”. Fortunately, Uncle Sam wants to help you afford to save, especially if you’ve […]

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