Blog Posts Covering Celebrity Tax Problems

The Wesley Snipes Tax Saga Continues

Wesley Snipes, star of such Hollywood movies as Blade and US Marshalls, was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the US Government, six counts of willfully failing to file Federal income tax returns by their filing date, and several other tax-related charges. Part of the conspiracy charge involved Snipes filing a false amended return with a fraudulent tax refund claim over […]

Wyclef Jean Runs into Trouble with $2.1 Million in IRS Debt

Musician and wannabe politician Wyclef Jean may want to reconsider his campaign to run for the next presidential election in Haiti after rumors recently surfaced of outstanding IRS debt. Jean’s problems with the IRS should come as no surprise as this hip-hop star was first red flagged three years ago and has since incurred a total of $2.1 million worth of tax liens, including the […]

Senator John Kerry Faces Troubled Water in Boating Tax Scandal

On Monday, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry found himself under fire and faced serious allegations of attempted tax avoidance. Ironically, Kerry is also known to be favorable towards taxes and has voted to raise them while in Congress on multiple occasions. The controversy surrounds Senator Kerry’s $7 million yacht, that was dubbed the name Isabel. While Kerry’s summer home is located in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Isabel was […]

George Steinbrenner Wins Again: This Time Against the Estate Tax

Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner is now not only notorious for the hundreds of wins he achieved with the New York Yankees but has emerged victorious against the IRS as well; both feats that few people can claim. Steinbrenner died from a heart attack on Tuesday July 13th at age 80. To every tragedy though there is a silver lining and in this case […]

Foul Play: Top Athletes with Tax Problems

While these top athletes may be known for their speed, strength and coordination, honesty is certainly not one of their finest qualities as they have all faced serious run-ins with the IRS. Despite the millions that these stars bring in each year, they could not outrun the IRS and were caught red-handed with some of the largest […]

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