Blog Posts Covering Celebrity Tax Problems

5 Time Grammy Winner Marc Anthony With Tax Debt Problems

Marc Anthony, the singer, musician, producer, and actor has received an unwelcome Christmas gift from the New York government: a demand for $1.8 million in back taxes according to On March 29th, NY State filed a tax lien against his Nassau County home on Long Island, was served with a $1.6 million Federal lien on the same property in January. As […]

Xzibit Up In Smoke With About $960k In Tax Debt

Alvin Joiner, aka Xzibit, the famous rapper, actor, and TV host, has even more IRS tax debt than what was previously reported in the past. Xzibit, besides having a few singles that made the BillBoard charts, was in actor in movies such as “XXX:State of the Union,” “Gridiron Gang,” and “8 Mile” to name a few. He is also well known from starring in the […]

Jodie Sweetin Owes Over 27k in Taxes to California

As Michelle Tanner would say to her big sister: “You’re in big trouble, mister!”

According to the California Board of Revenue, Jodie Sweetin – famous for her role as Stephanie Tanner on the hit 90’s show, Full House – owes $27,445 in back taxes from 2009.

Such money troubles might explain why the 28-year-old Sweetin has been campaigning to join the B-list celebrity cast of next season’s […]

R&B Singer Omarion Owes IRS Over 110k

Omarion, or Omari Ismael Grandberry, the 25 year old R&B music artist, actor, dancer, and music judge and more, owes $110,585 to the IRS according to public records. The Detroit News broke the $110k and change tax debt amount down.

Besides being a great R&B singer, Omarion is also known for his acting appearances in You Got Served, Fat Albert and was even a judge on […]

Charles Dutton Under Fire From IRS


Actor Charles S. Dutton has made a name for himself through his Emmy worthy acting, but his record is not as clean as the characters he often portrays. With the start of college football season, it may be hard to watch television without spotting Dutton’s face, known for his notorious role in the Notre Dame centered film, “Rudy.” Dutton’s claim to fame extends to television series’ as well, including […]

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