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Famous U.S. Tax Evasion Cases & Celebrity Tax Problems

Al CaponeFamous For: American gangster who gained notoriety during the Prohibition Era.

The Story: Al Capone is possibly the most famous tax evasion case in history. In 1929, the famous gangster was brought down in an investigation led by Eliot Ness. Although he committed many crimes, avoiding taxes is what brought it all […]

Latrell Sprewell the No. 1 Delinquent Taxpayer in Wisconsin

latrell-sprewell-taxesFormer-NBA player Latrell Sprewell once secured the number one spot on a list of Wisconsin’s top 100 delinquent taxpayers. Sprewell’s NBA career famously ended in 2005 after he scoffed at a three-year, $21 million contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves, publicly stating that the money offered would not be enough to feed […]

Bono & U2 Face Protest for Tax Avoidance

Protestors from the direct action group Art Uncut crashed U2’s long-awaited headline performance at the Glastonbury Festival this past Friday, June 24th.  A group comprised of artists and musicians, Art Uncut organizes creative events in opposition to major public service cuts – which involve music, comedy and short talks – in order to inform, inspire and motivate the public to action.

The group is accusing U2 […]

Stars Blame Starr for Unlucky Tax Problems

The tax issues of two very famous Academy Award-winners came to light this week.

Legendary director Martin Scorsese is accused of owing the IRS $2.85 million in back taxes and related interest and penalties. The 63-year-old has been slapped with a past-due notice that gives the IRS first claim on any sales of the director’s real estate. Scorsese’s spokesperson claims that the IRS […]

Famous Rapper Nas Hit With 514k Federal Lien for IRS Tax Debt

nas irs tax lienNas, or Nasir Jones, the famous rapper, actor, and musician, who has 9 Grammy awards, is in a feud with the IRS very much like he was with Jay-Z at the beginning of the last decade.

The IRS slapped Nas with a tax lien amounting to roughly […]

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