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Charlie Corsello, a graduate of Georgetown University, is a licensed enrolled agent who has been working in the tax resolution industry for over 10 years now. He is a previous owner of a tax resolution firm. Consequently, after opening a tax resolution firm, he became a tax professional, passing. Finally, Charlie regularly contributes by providing blog posts and tax articles.

Famous U.S. Tax Evasion Cases & Celebrity Tax Problems

Al CaponeFamous For: American gangster who gained notoriety during the Prohibition Era.

The Story: Al Capone is possibly the most famous tax evasion case in history. In 1929, the famous gangster was brought down in an investigation led by Eliot Ness. Although he committed many crimes, avoiding taxes is what brought it all […]

Selling Your Home? Sale of Home Capital Gains & Other Tax Factors

tax considerations of home saleThere are several factors to consider when selling your home, especially in an economy where every cent counts. It is essential for homeowners to understand how actions related to selling a home will impact their finances and, in particular, their tax liabilities.

Since purchasing or selling a home may be […]

Barter Tax Implications: How to Report Bartering Transactions to IRS

Bartering is the oldest form of commerce, dating back to long before the development of money in its current form.

With the high rate of both unemployment and underemployment, people are forced to get creative in order to obtain the goods and services that they used to be able to pay for in a more traditional manner. Bartering is an excellent way to continue receiving the […]

Are Tax the Rich Proponents Getting Their Wish Through Inflation?

Inflation a Hidden TaxTaxation is a hotbed topic, and for good reason. The amount of taxes that the government levies on citizens can have a major impact on the economy. No one can seem to agree on the best balance of taxing and spending. In can be argued though those proponents for tax […]

Job Seeking Tax Deductions: Which Expenses are Tax-Deductible?

Tax-Deductible Job Search ExpensesIf you are currently looking for a new job in the same field or industry in which you are currently or were recently employed, some of your job search expenses may be tax-deductible.

Additionally, if you need to re-locate for a new job, promotion or other work-related reason, your moving expenses […]

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