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Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Limits for 2011 and 2012

Alternative Minimum Tax 2011 & 2012

We all want to make sure that we’re not paying more than our fair share of taxes each year. But on the flip side, the IRS also wants to make sure that nobody is getting away with so many deductions that they’re not paying enough.

The Alternative Minimum Tax […]

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When Do You Need to File a Schedule B?

When to File a Schedule BAs you prepare your taxes, it becomes fairly evident that there are many different forms and schedules to fill out. Which forms you fill out depends on your financial situation, especially where you are getting your money.

Most people are familiar with filling out a Schedule A, which helps […]

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Does Your Roommate Qualify As a Tax Deduction?

tax deductions and roommateThe current economy is changing the makeup of our households. With unemployment high, many are finding that they are supporting relatives and non-relatives alike by allowing them houseroom.

While you might be allowing someone in need of help to live with you out of the goodness of […]

IRS Files $530k IRS Tax Lien Against Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley Tax LienChristie Brinkley reportedly owes $531,720 in back taxes on her $30 million Bridgehampton, NY mansion. The IRS filed a tax lien against the 57-year-old former supermodel on November 21st.

Brinkley – who was once famously married to rock star Billy Joel – had been trying to sell […]

Why is There So Much Interest in Candidate Tax Returns?

Candidate Tax ReturnsIt’s become almost a matter of course: If you are running for public office, you are expected to release your tax return each year. This is especially true if you are running for “higher” offices. Most mayoral candidates aren’t expected to release their tax returns, but if the candidate […]

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