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tax debt consultationThank you for filling out the contact form. The Tax Defense Network (TDN) will contact you shortly. The Tax Defense Network is A+ Rated in the BBB. TDN has  seen over 3.3 billion in tax debt since 1997. They have CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys on staff.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions during your consultation. A tax expert will analyze your tax and financial situation and make a determination as to what IRS or State tax programs you qualify for. Furthermore, TDN will provide you recommendations and a price quote to have one of their licensed tax professionals help you with your specific tax issue.

Below are some tips to prepare you:

  1. Be ready to describe your tax problem. If possible, see if you can gather any documentation or tax letters pertinent to your tax issue..
  2. You should ask plenty of questions during the process.
  3. Expect the consultation to be anywhere from 20 mins to 90 mins long.  Furthermore, you will need to provide financial information. TDN will ask these financial questions to not pry into your private life, but rather to help figure out what the best solution is to your tax situation. Remember, IRS and state tax relief programs are generally going to be based off your financial situation, which includes your assets, income, liabilities, and expenses.