3 Things to Think About When Paying Taxes by Credit Card

considerations when paying taxes with a credit cardWhen it comes to paying your taxes, the IRS is versatile. The agency is happy to accept most forms of payment, from check to automatic withdrawal to credit card. You can even set up an installment plan to pay the IRS if you aren’t sure that you can afford to […]

4 Major Life Changes that Impact Your Taxes

4 major life changes and taxesAs you prepare for tax season, you need to understand how major life changes can impact the way you file for taxes and impact your tax bill. Here are some things to think about as you review your year and the changes to your life.

Addition of a Child

When you have […]

5 Ways Personal Information Might be Stolen for Tax ID Theft

five ways scammers steal tax refundsOne of the growing issues facing many taxpayers is that of tax refund fraud. There is a chance that someone will take your personal information and claim a refund in your name — before you can submit your own tax return.

While one of the big ways for fraudsters to […]

3 Strategies for Reducing Your Tax Liability During Retirement

3 taxt strategies retirementAs you prepare for the future, don’t forget to consider taxes. Your tax liability during retirement can make or break your budget — and your ability to live comfortably.

If you want to reduce your tax liability during retirement, here are 3 strategies to consider:

Evaluate Your Income Needs

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you aren’t […]

5 Ways Your Home Can Provide a Tax Benefit

home tax bWhen it comes to homeownership, the costs can be difficult to deal with. Maintenance and repairs — not to mention concerns about a possible drop in value — can make it hard for you to feel excited about your home. However, there are ways to get a tax benefit from your home. Here are 5 ways that your home can provide a tax benefit: […]