Soda Tax Gets Approval in Berkeley, California

berkeley california soda taxOne of the more interesting things to follow is to see what people are willing to pay for through taxes. In some cases, citizens are willing to see an increase in taxes in order to pay for shoring up Social Security, or they might […]

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Could You Be Taxed on Perks from Your Employer?

irs reviews employees perksEvery year, the IRS publishes a guidance plan, which takes a look at the items that the IRS plans to scrutinize in the coming months. On the list for the upcoming year is one of the perks offered by some employers: free lunch.

There are a number of employers that […]

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Obama’s 2015 Budget: Changes to Roth IRAs on the Way?

roth ira changes 2015This is the time of year that details of a new budget for the coming fiscal year are revealed. President Obama is making his 2015 budget proposal, and some of the potential changes could impact Roth IRA accounts.

Right now, Roth IRAs are popular because of […]

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States Hiking Road Taxes to Make Up for Congressional Inaction

state taxes rise to pay for infrastructureWhen it comes to taxes, we often think mainly in terms of federal taxes. However, most of us pay quite a bit when it comes to state taxes as well. And, indeed, many states collect various taxes in order to fund certain state-provided services.

Lately, a lot of […]

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Have You Read the Taxpayer Bill of Rights?

taxpayer bill of rightsNot too long ago, the IRS began publicizing its Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The point of this move by the IRS is to let taxpayers know that they have rights when it comes to dealing with the IRS and concerns about their taxes, especially if the […]

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