How Will You Use Your 2015 Tax Refund?

2015 tax refund irsNow that tax season is underway, many people are starting to receive their 2015 tax refund. In fact, it’s no real surprise that many of those accepting refunds already have them for 2015.

But what are these Americans doing with the 2015 tax refund? With the great recession still on the minds of many, and […]

3 Tax Refund Scams to Watch Out For

tax fraud scams to watch out forNow that tax season is underway, there are plenty of unscrupulous types hoping to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. As you prepare your taxes (or have someone else prepare them for you), it’s important to be aware of the problems that could arise. Here are three tax refund scams […]

3 Things You Should Know About the 1099-K

1099-k 2015It’s been a handful of years since the introduction of the 1099-K form from the IRS, and there is still confusion about how it should be handled. Even with the instructions from the IRS, many people don’t understand how to manage it, and that has led to headaches at tax time.

Here are three […]

Tax Season Dates for 2016

Ntax season dates for 2016ow that a new year is underway, many taxpayers are working on figuring out whether or not they are eligible for a refund. Accountants are already busy working on taxes, but the IRS won’t be ready to accept filings until January 19, 2016. However, the tax […]

4 Major Life Changes that Impact Your Taxes

4 major life changes and taxesAs you prepare for tax season, you need to understand how major life changes can impact the way you file for taxes and impact your tax bill. Here are some things to think about as you review your year and the changes to your life.

Addition of a Child

When you have […]