Obtaining a Tax Return Transcript or Tax Account Transcript

tax transcriptIn the event that you ever misplace or lose your tax information from years past, all hope is not lost of recovery.

You may need your back tax information for any number of reasons, including personal reasons, getting audited, or as proof for any number of new credit applications.

If you are unable to […]

IRS Provides Rough Draft of Form for Health Care Tax Credit

IRS-tax-formThe Internal Revenue Service published a press release on September 7th that provides some relief to small businesses who are adjusting to the new health care tax credit.

The IRS provided rough versions of the forms that will be used to help both small
businesses and tax-exempt associations calculate and claim tax credits for […]

IRS Interest Rates Unchanged for Fourth Quarter

IRS Interest RatesLast week, the IRS stated that interest rates for the fourth quarter will remain unchanged. Interest rates are decided on a quarterly basis and they vary depending upon whether there is an underpayment or overpayment of taxes and whether it is a corporation or not. Interest compounds daily […]

IRS Announces New Regulation that Targets Tax Professionals

With 80% of Americans relying on tax professionals or software to file their tax returns, it is shocking that the tax return preparer industry is one of the few that sets no universal standard on what qualifications are required. In fact, California and Oregon are the only states that have any sort of mandatory test.

This is even more unnerving when you consider the valued information […]

Common Tax Scams to be Aware of and Avoid

Tax-ScamsThe IRS releases the “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams regularly to help taxpayers avoid some of the most common tax scams. Promoters and participants of tax scams, fraud and tax evasion are aggressively pursued by the IRS and a variety of other federal agencies. If caught, people face fines, imprisonment […]